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Ghana Diaspora Public Affairs Collective is a nonpartisan, nonprofit social welfare advocacy collective dedicated to empowering Ghanaians in the Diaspora through civic and political action. We are committed to working collectively as Ghanaians, people of Ghanaian descent and friends of Ghana to encourage civic engagement and advance policies through research, education, and community building.

Kofi M.

US and UK Construction and Real Estate Industry Manager. Forward Ever Collective Foundation Team
Pokua O.

Political and Legislative Affairs Strategist
GHPAC Government Affairs Team
Isaac B.

Political and Legislative Affairs Strategist
GHPAC Political Team
Naana B.

Attorney and Co-Host of African Dot American Podcast
GHPAC Legal Team

Public Affairs Strategist
GHPAC Comms Team
Sharity B.

GHPAC Legal Team
Kofi A.

Government Consultant
GHPAC Partnerships Team
Kim A.

GHPAC Government Affairs Team
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